ProSoEULaw Abroad General Course – Prof. Leonardo Pasquali

The Academic Staff of the Jean Monnet Chair “ProSoEULaw Abroad” is pleased to announce that the Jean Monnet ProSoEULaw Abroad Chair’s second year General Course will start soon! The course will be taught by our distinguished Chair holder, Professor Leonardo Pasquali, and will cover the first and second semesters for a total of 72 teaching hours.

The General Course officially starts on Monday 18 September 2023. The first session will include an introductory lecture in which Professor Pasquali will explain the core themes of the course and outline the major activities coordinated by the Chair.

During the first semester, classes will be held every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 12:15 (Italian time). You can join us at the illustrious Palazzo della Sapienza (University of Pisa) or to participate online, please email us at “” to receive the necessary information for remote access.

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