PRESS – ProSoEULaw Abroad Winter School

We are happy to inform that the official news channel of University of Pisa reported the success of our Winter School 2024.
The article published on UNIPINEWS emphasizes the plurality of nations represented by our 33 participants. Among students of law, international relationships, economics, training and professions of law, this initiative hosted students from countries like Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Japan, China, Turkey, Kosovo, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Georgia, Greece, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan.
The Winter School 2024 was entitled “Reinforcing EU responsible global leadership: promoting EU values for a rules-based multilateral world”. It was organized as part of the activities of the Jean Monnet Chair “ProSoEULaw Abroad”, coordinated by the Professor Leonardo Pasquali, full professor of International Law of the Department of Law of the University of Pisa.
You may read the full article in Italian in the link:

Further we also extend our sincere thanks for the newspapers that provided generous media exposure of our work.

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