ProSoEuLaw Abroad Chair Holder lecture in the framework of the activities of the Jean Monnet Euvalweb Chair (University of Salerno)

On Friday, May 3, 2024 at 10.30 a.m., in Hall 6, DSG UNISA, Prof. Leonardo Pasquali, ProSoEULaw Abroad Chair Holder and Member of the EUVALWEB Team Chair, will give a lecture on “Upholding and Promoting EU Values in International Agreements”. The event will be introduced by Prof. Teresa Russo and Prof. Francesco Buonomenna, Member of the EUVALWEB Legal Observatory and Associate Professor of European Union Law, DSG UNISA, with whom the event is co-organized (Chairs of European Union Law, DSG UNISA, and of Institutions of European Union Law, DISPC UNISA).

This event is part of the cooperation with other Jean Monnet communities that the ProSoEULaw Abroad Chair is developing and promoting.

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